Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shorter Days and Indian Summer

Clocks were set back an hour this weekend and I am already feeling the 'lack' of sunshine in the shorter days! I think it must be mental, because today was beautiful and clear with lots of sun! We have had a hard freeze and several frosts, but the temps this week will be in the 70s. This means Indian Summer! What a great week to have our roof replaced! I'm just hoping that the roofers come through and get it finished this week. The main roofer's name is Geronimo. (Strikes me funny for a guy who works up high on roofs.)

Cleaning up the garden annuals and working up the dirt. Horses have been doing their part for the garden by creating manure for the compost, so now it's just a matter of putting it all together. Been tying to really water in my lavender and other herbs. Southern Indiana is still considered to be in an 'extreme' drought. (Farmer's Alamanc is not very encouraging! Predicts winter and summer will be dryer than normal...not good!) Be sure to really water in your perennials for the winter, especially if you are suffering from the drought like Southern Indiana.

Pansies are doing well this fall.(Looking delightful in the late afternoon sun!) However they do take a lot of watering. Hopefully they will stay lively till it is time for Christmas decorating.

My daughter is coming home in 2 weeks for a long visit! (YAY!) So now I need to begin to really think about the holidays and decorating. I stopped by a Christmas open house this past weekend, just didnt seem right...too early! One of the things missing (Open houses do provide sight and sound of the holidays) that I feel really helps with 'getting into the Christmas mood' is the use of aromatherapy. Balsam, pine, fir and cinnamom can really evoke memories of holidays past.(Especially if you mix these scents with a warm kitchen full of gingerbread cookies!) Try some essential oils this season. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the natural scent and its effectiveness.

Along Turkey Run creek or I should say...what was Turkey Run Creek...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Days or Christmas Countdown

A quick report on October's weather. October was 4.6 degrees above average and almost 2 inches below precipatation. Calling for flurries tomorrow morning; I'm not betting on it!
Hard to believe it is just 50 days till Christmas and 17 days till my daughter comes home for a visit!!

Busy still putting the garden to sleep for the winter. I miss the flowers already, but planning for next year has begun. What I really miss, is my early morning tea in the garden. With the changing of the months, I am barely ready to have tea by that time in the morning. (My usual time in summer was 9:30am!) This was a boost to finish gardening by noon. Now, I am barely ready to do anything by I have decided to move tea time back at least till 11:00am. Nice mid morning break and the time of day I call to check on my parents. If it is warm enough, I am on the back porch! (Nothing wrong with taking tea in a heavy sweater for me and a cozy for the pot!)

November begins the yearly "Christmas Open Houses"...enjoy!