Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Days or Christmas Countdown

A quick report on October's weather. October was 4.6 degrees above average and almost 2 inches below precipatation. Calling for flurries tomorrow morning; I'm not betting on it!
Hard to believe it is just 50 days till Christmas and 17 days till my daughter comes home for a visit!!

Busy still putting the garden to sleep for the winter. I miss the flowers already, but planning for next year has begun. What I really miss, is my early morning tea in the garden. With the changing of the months, I am barely ready to have tea by that time in the morning. (My usual time in summer was 9:30am!) This was a boost to finish gardening by noon. Now, I am barely ready to do anything by I have decided to move tea time back at least till 11:00am. Nice mid morning break and the time of day I call to check on my parents. If it is warm enough, I am on the back porch! (Nothing wrong with taking tea in a heavy sweater for me and a cozy for the pot!)

November begins the yearly "Christmas Open Houses"...enjoy!

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