Saturday, October 30, 2010

The frost is on the pumpkin

Yesterday we had a good frost but today it is a hard freeze. As I looked out over the pasture in first light, a lone deer was slowly making her way home across the frozen grass. Whenever I see a single deer, I always think of my daughter.

Heading to an 18th century fair at historic Locust Grove this morning! I wish I could wear my dress, but it is more of a summer dress and besides, I need my daughter to lace me up in the stays! I need to work on getting some warmer long skirts! I am hoping I will find something for Christmas!

Cleaned up the garden some yesterday in the late afternoon sunshine. I love late afternoons in the fall! The sun plays so differently with the shadows! Removed the old marigolds and other annuals and mulched the lavender beds. I still have a lot to do! My forget-me-nots were still ok..but I imagine when I go out this morning...they will be wrapped in a frosty death.

Busy day today...bringing my parents to my farm for big Ohio State Football game. You can't grow up in Ohio and not be a Buckeye fan. Gives me pleasure to share this again with my Mom and Dad.

from along Turkey Run Creek...where the deer are searching for some acorns......

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