Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming out of hibernation....

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post...hard to believe it was in November! But, having both a turtle and a black bear as my power goes without saying that I really do hibernate in the winter months! So happy 2011 for everyone.

Animals are starting to come to life! Our friendly vultures returned last week just in time to start cleaning up the spring road kill. Seems the skunks came out a little too early and are having a hard time crossing the road and avoiding the bad drivers in the snow/ice.

Birds are feeding well...have kept up with them all winter. Yellow finches are starting to really brighten up. Saw a pair of Eastern Bluebirds last week. We put up a new bluebird house but have not seen any bluebirds since. I sure hope they come back. First sighting of a red wing blackbird today, so they have returned. Listen in the early morning; the birds are starting to really sing.

Winter was hard here in southern Indiana. Mostly dark, dreary days since it seemed like we had snow/drizzle every other day. I knew it had to be a hard one, as I have never seen such a dark and heavy coat on the local deer. However, it does appear to be an early spring and we have already seen a couple of days in the 70s with more anticipated this week. Of course, that means storms too, but they are welcomed to help spring clean Mother Earth.

Garden plans are coming along. I hope to put in a really good vegetable garden this year. We are going to house it in one of our small paddocks that has a high woven wire fence. This should help keep the 4 leggeds out of it and maybe this year we will get some produce. If all else fails, I hope to make frequent stops at our local farmer markets.

Husband has been busy building me some cold frames so we can get a jump on the growing season. This should be interesting adventure as we don't always agree on what is best!!(In the past I have left the vegetables to him and I planted flowers.) I am slowly getting him to understand the importance of organic farming. So our plan to clean out the paddock is to burn off the weeds...keep your fingers crossed on that!!

Got a new camera for I am anxious to start posting some spring pictures. I have not had a lot of time to work with it..but hope to gear up here soon. My daughter is coming home this week and will be able to help me re-learn everything.

My parents have adjusted well to the move from Ohio and it has been so good to have them here in bad weather, where we can take care of them. Only thing left is to clean out the house in Ohio and sell. That will take up some time this spring/summer I am sure.

Stress - we all have it. It has been a challenge to find ways to deal with winter, assisting my elderly parents, returning to work, farm and house chores and being a daughter, wife and mother. I found that I had to return and rebuild my practice of yoga and meditation. I really started to feel the stress buildup over January and February (mostly due to the fact I suffer from a mild case of SAD)

I have practiced yoga (Hatha) on and off all my life. When I was in junior high my mother and I started to watch yoga on PBS after I would come home from school. This winter it was time to begin again. Due to the cost of gas, a class fee and the time of travel to the best yoga studio in this area, I created my own practice at home. Even Wii has a yoga program...but somehow that modern technology is not a good 'fit' for my idea of a yoga practice.

A simple 30 minute program of basic yoga postures and relaxing in the corpse pose have helped a whole....whole lot.

Incense is also a great relaxer during a yoga practice or for just relaxing after a hard day! [I used a lot of Sandalwood in the past but have switched as Sandalwood has been over harvested and is in danger.) I like to burn Pinon. This scent reminds me of the Southwest and of my trip to Santa Fe with my daughter last May. We burned Pinon in our kiva fireplace every night at bedtime. So when I light some for my practice....I am taken back to our wonderful, relaxing and stress free spa trip to New Mexico.

Remember a scent can reach your brain and affect your mood in less than 20 seconds! Here's to an early and stress free spring for everyone! Breathe deep!

along the rain swollen Turkey Run Creek...

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