Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer musings

Again, it has been a long time between blogs!!! Spring has flown by and my time has been divided between the farm and caring for and cleaning out my parents home in Ohio. Seems I am making as many trips up and down the highway as I did last summer when they still lived in the house! Soon it will be ready for the "For Sale" sign and I am sure I will lament not ever making another trip to the family home....but so it goes....

It is full summer and the garden is doing are the weeds! We have had plenty of rain very nicely spaced so things are really blooming and shining their faces to the sun.

I made an attempt at caring for 2 goldfish...not such a good idea! (at least for the now dear departed fishes...) Cleaned out an old whiskey barrel...for 2 months...changing the water and making sure it held a good water level. In late May I added to 'charmers', Jack Daniels and Capt. Morgan ...who enjoyed their new abode for a short while. Jack held on a lot longer than the Captain! (This reminds me of all the goldfish I have had in my youth!) make a long story short...I now have a plastic liner for the barrel...and I hope my next two will flourish in their new updated home without the influence of whiskey!

Take some time this summer to enjoy this the next one is coming on fast!

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