Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hayner the frog and dog days of summer

Aha...I finally caught Hayner ! As you can see...he is a very nice specimen of a frog. I do kinda worry what is going to happen to him as fall/winter approach. I'll keep the whiskey barrel full and running...but it just may be to shallow for him. I'm sure he will move on as his instincts dictate.

I am getting a little tired of 90+ heat and no rain. Dog days are summer are enough to push me back to the office! School is starting soon...so it's back to the grind for me...and I kinda hate that..as I really enjoy my early morning sunrises with the flora and fauna.
This heat is just getting to be too much for me as I get older. I also worry about the animals...as the heat in combination with the biting horse flies create a lot of stress for them. Even my cat, Gussie, (asthmatic) is having a difficult time Her breathing sounds like loud purring. It is hard sometimes to tell the difference. Looks like I will be taking her to the vet soon. The garden is starting to show it's age and the demise of the plants. August of course is a harvest month...so all is as it should be! (Well except for maybe global warming and these long hot summers are now the norm!) But then again, I always complain the loudest whenever we have a cool summer!

There's a red sky this morning...could mean rain...I hope so. Time to dress and clean stalls and get my day started!

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