Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rain, barrels and watering plants

Well, so far, I have not had the time to purchase any goldfish for my 1/2 whiskey barrel. However, a real pretty frog has become a tenant. I wasn't sure at first if he was just a hobo moving thru town...but he has decided to stay! I have not been lucky enough to capture his picture...he is very nervous and jumpy to say the least. I tagged him with the name, Hayner, which was the name of a whiskey that was manufactured in my hometown in Ohio. Seems my parents took to collecting Hayner Whiskey bottles...mostly made from the late 1800s to early 1900s. They were a hit at the auction this week. Seems Hayner developed a combination lock top for their whiskey bottles.

I've always liked whiskey barrels and now I think I need another one....a bigger one!

While in Colonial Williamsburg last March I took this photo of a HUGE Rain/water barrel. This barrel is full of water and is used to fill watering cans so that the plants can be watered as needed. The barrel is very large and to tell the truth, I think I could take a dunk in it ...especially in this really hot weather. We have had a long stretch of over 90 degree days. While I love my garden that is now in the place of the pool, I do miss the pool during these hot, humid dog days of summer. However, I think the water in this tub would feel like bath water in this heat!

This huge water barrel serves a better purpose. It is designed to catch and hold rain water for watering plants and seedlings. The great thing about this barrel is that the water is always available and always warmer than water coming from the modern house spigot. According to the Master Gardner in charge at Mount Vernon, this is a good thing for your plants, cause watering with cold water can constrict their roots. (Mount Vernon has a large barrel situated about ground, collecting well water that allows the water to come up in temperature.) In this heat, I am watering 2-3 times a day, especially all my container plants and annuals. I try to collect as much rain water as possible (very little lately!) or other run off water to use in my watering. I always water till it runs out the bottom of the pot. Remember you need to use a water soluble fertilizer at least weekly to replace the washed out nutrients.

This is much like Ayurveda's tradition of drinking warm water with lemon early in the morning to ensure proper digestion! (Cold water puts out your digestive fire!) To grow and maintain good health for yourself and your plants, learn to drink your water without ice and try to water your plants in the same manner.

from along a very dry Turkey Run creek...

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