Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home in Indiana and a farm update!

Hard to believe after all this time, but my parents ( 90 and 87 - born and raised in Ohio) moved last week to Southern Indiana...not 10 minutes from my farm! I am so excited to have them close and so relieved. Talk about stress reduction - I have slept like a baby for the past week.

The move was a very stressful time, but we made it! Their car was so full of their clothes and kitchen pantry items, I had to leave my luggage in Ohio! I figured it was mostly summer clothes...but once I got home, I realized my best pants and skirt were left behind too! Oh well, a trip to Ohio is planned soon, to retrieve more items...this time I will make room for my luggage! We are all adjusting well! I feel like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders...I'm free to think about my farm again, flowers for the new gardens planned for 2011, lunch with friends and prepare for my daugther's visit in 4 weeks! YAY!

Farm update - I rode my first baby born on the farm on Tuesday! Skye was born 5 years ago to my mare, Cowgirl and Woody, my reining studly dudly! Skye was born mid of course I missed his birth, but my husband was there...beautiful baby boy, but he is now called "Special Ed" by my daughter due to all his problems! (quick list: blood transfusion at 2 days, knocked out front tooth at 3 months, punctured hoof which required 5 month stall rest, ripped off eye lid, get the picture!) Anyway..I promised myself that after the move, I would ride him, as I have had a trainer working with him since August! Well, I got on...but I don't think I would call what I did as riding! I felt like a bag of potatoes in the saddle! I need to work on that again...geesz.

First killing frost yesterday...lost just a few things..mostly my husband's favorite sweet potato vine. We are still in a drought and expecting rain this weekend. I need to work on my meadow...lousy year for flowers. I am going back to purchase some fall seeds from American Meadows to see if I can get a start on things for the spring. It just makes sense, flowers drop their seeds in the fall and let nature take its course.

Plans for summer of 2011 are a new flower (cutting) garden by the deck and hopefully a fish pond near the deck. We will see if I can get it all together by summer. I am also planning a new addition to the house. With my parents in town, there is just no room in the living room for the entire family!

One final word for today Lavender Essential Oil!!! I was making some fudge for my father and I burned my two fingers. (stupid on my part...touched the burner on the stove!) I've had a smooth top stove for over 20 years...first time I ever burned myself. Anyway, I soaked my fingers in lavender oil during the rest of the cooking time for the fudge. I also soaked a bandaid in the oil put it on my finger and went to bed. While, I 'killed' some skin from the burn, the pain is gone and there is no blister. Finger works great...except I'm having a little trouble using my laptop's mouse pad.

Hunter's moon is full and bright! Enjoy!

Coming soon - Long Apron Society!

from along Turkey Run Creek...where the vultures have moved on to better hunting grounds and the creek is dry and no turkeys in sight.

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