Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vultures and clotheslines

Autumn is here...kinda caught me 'napping'! I've been on the road between Indiana and Ohio so much lately...that I missed all the signals. One of the new things that has happened at the farm while I was gone, is that the vultures have decided to use my roof as their private tarmac to warm up and dry their wings before their morning hunt. Not exactly something I am real happy about! Their feet make a horrible screeching noise as they try land, hang on or takeoff from our metal roof. Just a little unnerving early in the morning. Yesterday there were 15 perched on the roofline.

I love clotheslines! (I know, I know...dryers are so much more convenient and my mother tells horror stories of drying cloth diapers on a clothesline in the winter and stacking them like boards to bring them in!) But there is just something about the clean crisp feel of clothes dried on a line in the sun. There's a lot to be said about the wonderful smell of 'sunshine' on your clothes. Talk about your aromatherapy! The smell of sunshine lingers for days in your clean clothes. I have forgotten much about using a clothesline. The art of which way to hang your clothes, using clothespins effectively, keeping the lines clean and your clothes off the grass, etc. And in our planned obsolescence really can't find good clothespins that last more than one season. And to add insult to injury...some neighborhoods will not allow residents to have a clothesline. How sad...that you can not use wind and solar power to dry your own clothes. One reason I love living in the country.

from along Turkey Run Creek...where the turkeys are few and far between, vultures plentiful...and the creek is dry!

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