Friday, September 17, 2010

The beauty and grace of the past back to life

The above quote comes from my daughter's blog and her passion on sewing 18th century clothes. I just wanted to echo my sentiments too. Where is the beauty and grace of the past? Such a good question. Case in point...whatever happened to knife rests? This lovely example belongs to my mother. Is this not the neatest thing? A place to put your knife when not in use. Not only does this beautiful crystal antique looks good but it also serves a great purpose. It keeps your knife off the table and away from germs. Maybe we should bring them back? Let's start in restaurants! A major complaint I've heard and have noticed is that most of the average restaurants have eliminated the paper placemat. Have you noticed? This all done to save major dollars in expenses no doubt. But where do you put your clean silverware before you plates have arrived? I know the wait staff and busboys clean the tables but have you seen what they use?? Give me a knife rest or a tablecloth otherwise I will have to start bringing my own! A wonderful piece of grace and beauty from the past.

Days are getting shorter and is now pretty much dark in my neck of the woods by 8:10pm or so. We missed out on all the rain so our pasture and yard are pretty sorry looking. Garden is hanging in there...with a lot of watering. Fall is in the air, walnut trees have lost most of their leaves and most butterflies are like the long summer days....gone

from along Turkey Run Creek

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