Monday, September 6, 2010

A confession.....and some retail therapy

Just a quick note on Labor Day... I don't want to 'labor' too long!

I have a confession to make...

After my rant about primitive decorating, my husband (who came up to Ohio for a visit) took me to the local flea market. His idea of retail therapy for me and to give some 'care' to the caregiver. Anyway...after my rant on's a tally of what I purchased at the flea market. (Prices were excellent I think the dealers didn't want to pack things.)

1 flax hackle
2 cast iron kettles (for my fireplace and bonfire)
1 farmer's tool..have no idea what it is...but it will go on display
1 basket
1 sheep design cutting board
1 Blue/White coverlet woven by William Van Gordon, from Covington, Ohio This coverlet has no date on it, but the history books have Van Gordon working in Covington from 1848 - 1853. This was cheap cheap cheap because it had a hole in the middle and no fringe, but it displays well..with over 2/3rd usable material if I want to piece it out. (Don't think so)

I ended up dumpster diving cause I saw good clay flower pots that someone had thrown away. We were at the market on Sunday so I can only assume that it was from a dealer who packed up on Saturday. I told my husband after this hot summer, I was throwing away all plastic pots.

Didn't see any hanging gourds....phew!

Guess I had better re-call my rant on primitives! Anyway it was a great weekend to get outside and for some retail therapy.

New moon this week...also we are in a 'no-burn' situtation on the farm, due to the lack of rain. Hope we get some soon...once I get home it is time to have a bonfire.
Morning glories are blooming finally...I was beginning to think they went on vacation to escape the heat. We are losing daylight quickly so enjoy the days while you can.

affectionately yours
along the Great Miami River


  1. Some good buys. Shopping always makes me feel a little better.

    Hope your father continues to improve.


  2. Thank you Donna. He is getting stronger every day...and that means I'm missing my home and farm even more! I was surprised at the this flea market. The flax hackle (hackel) was only 5.00 and I've seen it a lot higher..even in the price books..
    Thanks for your support! :)