Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Glorious" Morning Glories and the return of my blogging muse

Seasonal fall is just around the corner and my Morning Glories have decided to play nice and bloom! On Tuesday morning there were over 20 blooms...unbelieveable! And this plant is the one that decided to grow on its own - up from a crack in our sidewalk. I need to collect its seeds...I feel they will be a more hardy group!

The Morning Glories that were planted by man, (my husband) are sneaking a peak at their 'wild' cousin...just not quite the same! I will say that the wall is covered in pretty soon they will probably be outshining all the rest of the garden blooms.

All these blue morning glories lead me to question...why is a true 'blue' color hard to find in the garden? I have shades of purple, yellow, orange and pink...but real blue is a little more elusive.
While checking on my favorite "Forget Me Nots" ...I found another a surprise... a wild enchanting small morning glory blooming! I guess it wanted to join up with my other blue flowers!

I've been home for a week now, from taking care of my parents in Ohio....I think my blogging 'muse' has finally decided to come for a visit. Seems like she disappered while I was otherwise engaged! So my muse and I are enjoying a cloudy fall like day in the garden...anticipating a little rain.

Affectionately yours
along Turkey Run Creek...
where the turkeys have returned for a fall feast

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