Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stencils...a "Prim's" best friend

Just a quick father is doing well...thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts sent my way! I so appreciate your support!
My dad has refinished furniture all his life. He is a great carpenter and expert woodworker. All the wood furniture in our family home has been re-worked and refinished by Dad. During the beginning of the primitive decorating craze in the late 70s and 80s...he and Mom stenciled much of their home. My Mom has the ideas...Dad is stuck with the execution! Here are some areas in their home..that he has stenciled.
The above large basket and border is in the master bedroom. The main family room is stenciled with a border located above the chair rail and above the doors.

My bedroom is also stenciled...(ummm I was the one that started them on stenciling - go figure!) with a heart and border design. I love stenciling and for some lazy reason...I have not done any in my farmhouse. I think it is time to right that wrong!

Another hot day...and I miss my garden, farm and husband. He has been watering the garden very faithfully and I am grateful. I am going to miss all my Forget-me-nots and other late bloomers that I have babied all summer. Our morning glories are sulking in the heat and not showing their faces. Maybe they are waiting on me to come home? That would be nice.

I have just about wiped out my supply of lavender essential oil during this stressful time. Time to stock up..and I forgot to bring a new bottle with me to Ohio. I need to create a emergency travel kit of some essential oils. Next year if my lavender survives the heat and winter... I am going to distill my own..and make my own hydrosol too. (Hydrosol is the left over water from distilling oil. It has been shown to be as effective as the essential oil.) Stay tuned!

Affectionately yours...
along the Great Miami River

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