Saturday, September 4, 2010

Early Fall Musings....

Odd thoughts for a beautiful September day..

I’ve thrown in the towel…(yeah you guessed it…TEA stained brown) on being a “prim”….After careful research...I’ve decided that decorating style is just plain dirty. The ‘straw’ that broke the camel's back for me…was one too many houses hanging 2 dipper gourds on their front doors…..looks like the local bull’s gonads to me…that .. just ain’t right. (ok ok I admit it, there's some of primitives stuff I still like! )

Found my mother’s collection of old Colonial Homes magazine from the early 1980s, now that’s decorating. I think I will start a new trend to offset ‘dirty’ primitive….Country Colonial…oh..wait…maybe that’s out there already! Here's my idea of Country Colonial - my mother's living room and majolica collection.

Note to Primitive Antique dealer in Ohio advertising a “Fall Gathering” and Open House. You need people for a gathering…and maybe some refreshments, some signs pointing the way, entertainment and maybe samples or giveaways. And for crying out loud…get the dang gourds off the front door!

Where are the flowers??? I’m talking at the hospital…I rarely saw any fresh flowers delivered to the hospital the entire week my father was there. I know that cut flowers from South America are covered in pesticides…but still…scientific research has proven that flowers help in the healing process…so is it just the economy that has changed that practice or what? Bring your garden flowers to the hospital…make mine lavender if you have it!

A special note to my best friend, Janice. Thank you for always being there for me...otherwise...I would look like the bee on the leaf...not the bee on the flower! (Work related's a killer...)


  1. Bahahahaha :) You'll never fully belong to a group, you know that. :) That's not you're style.

    And I love the picture of the bee...looks like he had too much pollen...a bit buzzed (bar har har) out of his mind I would say? :)

  2. Everyone has their own style. If a person wants to imitate someone or something they saw, I believe the quote is something like "imitating is the highest form of flattery." Or maybe they just don't have enough imagination to do their own thing. I say follow what you like and what your heart says in all things.


  3. Oh gosh I just saw my major grammar error. I meant your not you're. Ugh. And it's one of my pet peeves too. *sigh*