Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picking sunshine

It's been a busy few days since I was able to write. My father is home from the hospital and is able to pretty much take care of himself. So plans are back on to move my parents to assisted living here in Southern Indiana.
Thursday I was able to leave the Great Miami River and come home to the farm. What a feeling it is to come up our long driveway ...I never realized how much I enjoyed living about a quarter mile off the road..but that long driveway puts a big buffer between you and the world.

I wasn't home 24 hours when my stallion, Woody, (see picture in previous post)...colic. This is a very painful condition for a horse and also a killer. Many horses do not survive. I was lucky. I called a good friend, who is a vet, and she came over immediately. I also had to call in another horse vet, and after 5 hours of walking (dragging/pushing him so he would not lay down) Woody and pain medication, pumping his stomach with mineral oil, he has recovered. I am so happy and grateful...but can we say...Stress!!!

Today is a beautiful fall day. Lots of sunshine, slight breeze and the early colors and smells of autumn. There's nothing like the garden to help eliminate stress. My husband did a great job keeping the flowers alive. However, he doesn't deadhead. So this morning I got my bucket and headed to the marigolds as they were in need of a good grooming. Trust me, there is nothing like deadheading marigolds for stress. I believe this is even better than popping bubble wrap. And the best part? When you are fingers are slightly yellow and you have the smell of sunshine/marigold on your hands...kinda like picking sunshine.
I left this bloom and the bumble bee hanging you see in the picture above. I think he was another victim of work related stress. He has been on this flower in the same position since at least Thursday when I got home. Don't think he is going to make it...

from along Turkey Run Creek
where the wild turkeys have returned....

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