Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy echinacea

Purple Cone flower is also known as Echinacea. Echinacea is a native plant to America and was sometimes called "Elk Root" by the natives, as elks (who were in some sort of distress) were often seen eating the root....
After several false starts over the years, I finally have what I consider to be a good stand of purple cone flower. However...there is one branch, that I transplanted 2 years ago...which bloomed wonderfully last seemingly sulking this year. It has never turned purple!!!

On top...the blooms are now sending up additional little bloom shoots...I was told that the original plant I purchased was heirloom native plant...but now I am not sure....oh the joys of just never know.. It does make for an interesting bloom!

It is the 3rd week of middle summer. I love this time of year...seems like it is now the time to slow down and take a break....after the planting but before the work of harvest. There is a quietness that settles on the farm in the early mornings...birds are quiet...only insects are singing. Another misty morning in the valley...

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