Monday, July 12, 2010

More on Lavender

Well, I had hoped to purchase some additional lavedner plants yesterday, but my favorite greenhouse has gone to 'fall' hours already! Closed on Sunday and I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if they have any left...
In the meantime, I cut my lavender back...on my raised starter bed...sometimes I just really hate to do that...but it is the most relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. One of these days I am going to hook up a that I can at least get some hydrosol water from the lavender...I don't have a lot of hope for producing a good quality oil..but I could use the water for sure.

I may try the 'pressure cooker' method one of these days..if I can find a cheap stainless steel cooker. I have found plenty of aluminum ones at thrift stores...but I only want to use steel...Guess I will just put that on my list of things to of these days.

On a oft note...I went to the local Jane Austen festival over the weekend...and no one was selling any oils or quality water...hmmm....

ps...Love Love Love Regency hats...and men dressed in regency easy on the eyes!

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