Wednesday, July 21, 2010

long aprons

I love long cotton aprons...those that remind one of days gone by. I'm not big on what I call the short aprons of the mid 20th century...or the so called 'chef' aprons. I like long cotton aprons that tie at your waist and are at least 33 inches in length. The great thing about these aprons is that they are so handy.

I was weeding the garden this morning, in my normal 21st century attire, hiking shorts and t-shirt. The rain had just stopped so I thought I could get a jump on the weeds. I kept wiping my wet hands on my clean shorts...and thought..there's got to be something better than my shorts or carrying around a towel/ I reached for a nice blue cotton long apron.

A magical thing happened after I tied the strings...I felt like I had stepped back in time. The longer length covered my scary white, bug bitten legs and my shorts. I was transported to the early 19th century. I felt like my favorite author and illustrator, Tasha Tudor, who wore long dresses and always proclaimed the many virtues of a good apron.

All morning long I worked in the garden and when I took a tea break, I just couldn't take off my new best piece of clothing. I took the time to make tea in a teapot and use my 19th century pink lustreware tea bowl and saucer. I didnt want the enchantment to end. I kept my apron on all day and have it all ready for tomorrow.

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