Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missed again...

Seems last night we had a whopper of a thunderstorm complete with an average of 3 lightning strikes per second for over an hour. I missed out on the light show again! I was in Ohio helping my elderly parents begin preparations for their move to assisted living. We did get over 3 inches of much needed rain.

While I missed out on all the action, sad to say it also hailed and the downbursts of wind wreck havoc on the garden.
I've been babying forget-me-nots all summer....and they are just laying flat out on the ground...almost looks like they have their leaves are in a 'hands up' "don't shoot" fashion.

My funky purple coneflower has been beaten to the ground also. The seed heads are turning black...looks like some mold or diease is its downfall. Not sure what I should do...may just remove the confused plant.

Weather forecasts for 90s for the rest of July. Amazing weather...when this summer is over...I would bet that we will total close to 60 days in the 90s...

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