Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NOT a primitive hiking trail....

Most of you know, that I live very close to the Knobstone Hiking trail that covers over 57 miles in south central Indiana. This is a primitive (and we now know that I'm a "Prim!") hiking trail which is a great opportunity to enjoy nature-bathing and to reduce stress. I miss my morning hikes in the Knobstone back in Indiana.

Most of you know too, that my father has been in the hospital (in Ohio) for the past week recovering from colon surgery and then a more difficult recovery from the narcotics used post operation. Yesterday was probably the worst day for Dad, Mom and I. So I really felt that I needed to get into nature to 'let down' and to try to eliminate some stress. Fortunately for me, across from the hospital is the Twin Arch Reserve...green space and hiking trail along the Great Miami River. Boy was I in for a surprise...this was no 'primitive' hiking trail!

My initial thought was ...."Like, for real....are you telling me that I can't cross the yellow center line while walking?" I was shocked when I got out of the car and started on the path...it was completely paved and striped...and of all things marked with a pedestriam crossing warning! Well those who know me....know that I march to a different drummer...so I walked on the wrong side...the whole time!!! Got a lot of strange looks...but I just smiled. First of all...I wanted to walk close to the river...as water is always good therapy. So I stayed close...to the sounds of the rushing river. Once I got over my initial shock...I enjoyed exploring around the river. I kept straying off the trail...because this area is part of the original 1830 Miami Erie Canal. The park gets its name from the twin arches constructed in 1837 to allow water from the Miami River to flow into the canal. There are only 2 such arches left standing in Ohio. I ventured as close as I could to get this shot! (My legs are just now healing from all the bug bites...so it's not my best shot for sure.) You can see the beautiful stone work. Life in the early 1800s was primitive...but transportation by canal boat was a big improvement. If you get to this area, John Johnson's Farm in Piqua, Ohio is a living history museum with canal boat rides on part of the original Miami Erie Canal.
As for me, I'll stick to the Knobstone, where the trail is small, natural and I am surrounded by nature...not asphalt and yellow paint!

Another hot day today...Ohio is lacking for rain...so what was green is now turning yellow. We had another slight fog this morning so I am going to count that as at least snow flurries this winter. I heard the other day that if there is a really hot summer that the following winter will be mild. We shall see as we have had a blistering hot summer.

Affectionately yours...
along the Great Miami River...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I will include him in my prayers. Also keep walking no matter where you are. It does relive stress and it sounds like you are under quite a bit right now. I hate when Big Brother buts into my life, like telling me which side of a path I have to walk on. So very silly.