Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carrots and one last tribute to Aunt Grace

There's no place like home and I'm home at last! I spent the last 6 weeks in Ohio, cleaning out my parents home and getting it ready for sale. Not a great time to be selling a house...but a heck of a time to buy one. This whole process has been one long physical, emotional and mental exercise. I have been so lucky to have the time to do it right..but to also walk hand-in-hand down memory lane with the Scott family. I felt many times that I was being guided and helped by Aunt Grace, Aunt May and many others. I found letters, diaries and so many early pictures of the family. I also found my Grandmother's diary that talks about the first phone call she got from my father when he reached Norfolk, VA after WWII. He was a Prisoner of War in Germany for 9 months, after being shot down during a bombing raid. (I also found out from letters my father sent home before he was shot down, that his mother sent him a picture of his old girlfriend!! He thanked her for it...but told her he didn't think he would tell his current girlfriend (My Mom!) that she did that! I just confirmed with them that yes, Grandma, liked Jan best and Mom did not know that Dad had a picture of Jan with him in England!
As posted in other writings I found pictures of Aunt May and Uncle Lewie...and of course Aunt Grace. I finally found that picture of her horse, Carrots, that I was looking for. I remember seeing it on her dresser in the nursing home for many years. She wrote many poems about Carrots, but this morning I can only find one. This is for Aunt last post...

'Owed' to Carrots
Your racers may think I'm a crook
When I say they'd scarce win a look
They might beat her in miles
But never in styles
For she did every gait in the book.

Hialeah ne'er once dared to share its
Rounds with my beautiful Carrots.
Never trained for the track,
For they knew she would stack
up all points save those for demerits.

Her standard was now do or die. O
This last line will start you to cry.
O she looks so alive (She's here twenty-five)
Cause she left Blue Grass to live in Ohio.

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