Monday, July 11, 2011

I wasn't blogging...but I was busy...

Another hot day here in the Ohio valley...I am amazed at the fact it has now been 3 blogs in 3 days. This after being quiet all winter. I may not have been blogging, but I was busy! Pictured here is my new zen/yoga/meditation room. I took a small TV den, which was used daily when my daughter lived at home, and turned it into my quiet space and yoga room.The room is a 'walk' through room to get to the bedrooms, so it was never really used, except if my daughter had company. We called it the "Barn" room due to the ugly dark blackish/brown cheap paneling that was on the walls. The previous owners were so cheap with this room, that they built the wall you see here...right on top of the existing carpet!

I knew I could not removed the cheap I had it painted a soft green with antique white accents. I then decorated the room with bamboo poles that I painted white and placed in large red planters filled with sand. I purchased the bamboo at a local "Hobby Lobby" and then sprayed painted them. Next, I purchased the silk bamboo planter from a craft store and cut some of the silk bamboo to place in with the white poles. The planters really soften the room and let a lot of light come in from the east window. The room has 2 other windows, south facing and west facing so that all times of the day it is full of natural light.
I added a floor water fountain for added measure. I treasure this room. It is very unusual for anyone to have a spare room to set aside entirely for a yoga and meditation practice. I am very very lucky.

along Turkey Run creek...watering the flowers and garden several times a day in this excessive heat~

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