Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eager Beaver

This past spring, the farm's back pasture flooded on numerous occasions due to spring rains. For a stretch of 4 or 5 days, we had constant rain. Apparantly this beaver got a little confused as to which way was home. I could have given him directions to head down stream to the Muddy Fork Creek...if he had only asked! (Must have been a male...didn't ask for directions!) This was the first time we had ever seen a beaver in our pond. He swam around for a couple of hours and after a nice swim and a quick snack ....he moved on to Muddy Fork. No worries mate!

We have had the pleasure of seeing several different species of fauna over the years. Several years ago, we spotted a river otter, making his (lost again!) way across our pasture. Besides the normal animals we have such as deer, skunks, rabbits and coyotes, I also saw my first red fox this past May. I wasn't fast enough to catch the fox on camera...and have not seen the vixen since!

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