Saturday, July 23, 2011

Enchanting Chamomile

Chamomile is one of my very favorite enchanting botanicals. I have been sweet talking a small grouping to grow stronger and healthier for the last several years. All this in hopes of a small (operative word - small!) harvest of flower heads to dry for medicinal purposes. This year, I have been able to gather my first harvest. It took a little bit of research to find out when was the best time to remove the flower heads. (Just as the white pedals start to turn downward!)
This is one heck of a tedious job! For in my lovely sorority, no one plant bloomed at the same it was a singular undertaking everyday! Well into the middle of summer, I now have according to my weight scale a whopping 10 grams! My friends are sulking in the excessive heat so no more blooms at least for a while. There are always a few that will bloom while following a different timeline.I think I really need to extend my chamomile garden...and invite some new fresh faces.

Chamomile makes a great tea to calm and relax the nerves. You can add near boiling water to a teaspoon of flower heads and let it stand for several minutes. I do not add any sugar or lemon to my drink, as I love the fresh taste of chamomile. (reminds me of apple blossoms.) Chamomile tea will relax a edgy stomach, calm your nerves and bring about an overall sense of peace. I am always turning to this wonderful botanical when I can't sleep.
(Remember Peter Cottontail and his cup of chamomile tea at bedtime??)

I have also used chamomile for slight wounds and or soreness. Just cool off the chamomile blossoms from your tea and apply (using some cheesecloth if necessary) to the afflicted area. You also can add chamomile tea with Epsom salt for a nice bath.

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