Friday, July 22, 2011

It's not easy being green...and pixies in the garden

Just like Kermit the frog sings, try as I might, being green these days is not always easy. I have come along way baby in trying to help take care of Mother Earth. My latest adventure (after reading a list of easy 'green' things to do on Huffington Post) is to order stainless steel (or glass) straws. According to the experts, plastic straws are a major contributor to our landfills and waste. So like a good tenant of Mother Earth and a landfill neighbor, I ordered this handy dandy stainless steel straws complete with a mini cleaner brush. I opted for the stainless steel as I figured it would be a whole lot safer in my purse! You can find these straws on line...for a nominal fee. I think I paid 10 bucks for a package of 4. I am going to give a way 2 of them to friends...

Speaking of good tenants, I have two new (old) pixes in my garden!! I am so lucky to have them come live with me! They have watched over my parents house for over 40 years!

Now they are adjusting to their new home on the farm. At least this excessive heat wave doesn't seem to bother them!

I have always loved these guys, but have never in all these years found 2 that are this cute and durable. I think I need to name I am sure my mother didn't bother.

Any suggestions?

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