Friday, August 13, 2010

Bucket Bench

So last week while at the Longest Yard Sale on Route 127, I purchased this bucket bench which my husband loaded in the car for me. While I was in the process of unloading it I was mildly surprised by its weight. Hmmmm not exactly what I was thinking...I thought it would be a little lighter in weight...figuring the builder had used pine boards. On closer inspection I found that the top board had not been painted underneath.

So the question I the wood cherry or walnut? I am usually really good at identifying woods. This one has me stumped. I guess lack of practice has caught up with me! However, when I placed some water on the became bright I'm leaning towards cherry. Now what am I going to do? I was planning to put the bench on the front porch and let it go rustic while supporting some potted I'm not so sure. Stay tuned...I think I will be removing the brown enamel paint and refinishing this bench!


  1. this morning...the bench looks like the vote is tied....1 for cherry...1 for walnut.

  2. From the picture it looks like cherry to me. Either way it is too good to put it outside. It would look great with painted firkins, pantry boxes or with just old books. Have fun with it.


  3. Donna...oooh I hope it is cherry! I will be refinishing it when the weather cools. I just told my husband, that I wish we had a basement...I would be working on it right now!