Saturday, August 7, 2010

Longest Yard Sale

Oh...what fun! Today my husband and I got to go to the Longest Yard sale that runs I think from Michigan to Alabama on Route 127. Now if I remember my class in Ohio history correctly...and believe me, that was a long long time ago, Route 127..was origianlly a path that the Native Americans in Ohio would use to come hunt in Kentucky. Also, I believe it was first used by the buffalo thus making it an easy beaten down path for the Indians.

Anyway, over the last decade or has become the longest yard sale (over 675 miles) ...and wow, was it fun! I wasn't sure I would get to go but I made my mind up that I needed to see it for myself and this was the first year that I did not have any plans.

This yard sale has been covered a lot by HGTV and other TV channels. You can read more about the sale by this link

I was able to pick up another goat yoke, a great bucket bench, scythes and some other odds and ends. It made for a great Saturday adventure. Since I was in Kentucky I also saw a lot of horse items. In fact, my husband and I even checked out 4 or 5 buggys and driving carts.

Traffic was not as bad as I thought it would be and everyone was very careful of the foot traffic. My biggest gripe...if you can call it that, was that in all our driving, there was not one place to stop for fast food..or more specifically a bathroon! There was plenty of food to be found...for sure. However, since it was fairly warm today...I really sweated out most of my body fluids.

We left the house at 9am and got home well past 5pm. As I was walking around ...I could feel fall in the air. Doesnt even seem like summer anymore other than the heat. The walnut trees are really letting go of their leaves and the yard sales were full of fresh produce. (Sorry..just had to get in a comment on the season!)

If you love antiques like I do and use them to decorate the house, garden and barns...this was a great way to spend a 'harvest' Saturday. Can't wait to hear what Janice was able to find on Route 127.

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