Monday, August 9, 2010

Magic in the early morning.....

Well, I think the stress of the very hot summer, my daughter moving to Sweden and my elderly parents...has finally gotten to me! I got up way before dawn and took my canoe out on the pond!
Now there is just something about a canoe that takes one back in time and as you paddle and quietly glide along...brings about a very primitive feeling. This was the first time I took my little red canoe out before the sun was up!

Just to make the excursion a little more interesting I took along some small floating lights in the shape of flowers. I had purchased these lights for my stepdaughter's wedding but we never got a chance to use them. So I was just see. As I let them go...the pond was so warm and still..that they didn't move much at all...hence the 'line' of lights. Little did I realize that there was fog coming up off the pond till I uploaded my pictures. Kinda spooky if you ask me, but really quite magical for an early morning.
Sky was turning pink and red as I paddled around and picked them up. What fun...I may even go out again tonight!

The heat index today is way over 100 flowers are just about shot. Trees are turning yellow...along with the walnut trees which always turn early. We are at day 55 of 90 or above temperature.

Leaves are falling like large snow flakes...makes one wonder what to expect for autumn's weather. I think the yellow finches are turning to their drab winter color...wonder if that means a quick fall and early winter? Time to start counting the fogs in August ...this will let us know how many snowfalls to expect this winter!


  1. Yes kind of spooky but really neat. There is nothing more relaxing than canoeing on a glass still lake watching the resident loons.


  2. Donna - thank you! I love to get out on the pond early before sunrise...when it is so still..