Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wild Flowers...One of August's few redeeming virtues

Wildflowers are about the only good thing about August. The heat here is killing my garden and making life rough on the horses. As I predicted in an earlier blog, we will have way over 60 days this summer with temps over 90. This also means since we have high humidity...we have had a heat index of over 100...Today as I write this, the heat index is 110.

Wildflowers seem not to mind. They don't require any extra watering ....and they come back year after year without any help! If you are lucky and give up a space for them to will be rewarded.

The wildflowers in the pictures have been with my 1894 farmhouse for a long time. This year I have not mowed the pasture as much as usual...and when I did I gave the wildflowers a wider path. I've been rewarded with a lot more cardinal flowers, black eyed Susans, ironweed and others I can not name.

Looking forward to a cooler autumn...but I am thinking we may go from a hot hot summer...into a cold winter without any fall. Local weather folklore expert reports that if the first week of August is very hot...then it will be a cold snowy winter.

I know what to expect!

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  1. I hope you are wrong about the winter. We all need a break from these extreme and long weather cycles. Luv wildflowers too. I just pick some and they are on my keepingroom tables. I must admit my six indoor cats are very interested in them so I bet they won't last long.