Friday, August 20, 2010

Fogs, Fairies and domiciles

Another fog this morning....yay that means at least 2 snowfalls this winter! And it was a beautiful morning too boot. I decided to clean up the bonfire it was a calm and cool morning. We are due for rain tomorrow afternoon so I felt like it was time to burn off some collected tree trash and weeds. I waited till now because I thought my pile of tree limbs provided homes to a lot of birds, but since the singing has stopped and under careful observation, I have not seen any birds in the area it was time to get to work.
However, I could not bring myself to burn this broken abode of the pileated woodpecker.I have watched many a summers, where the residence woodpecker would build a home for his family! It was a very nice rooftop penthouse for many years, till a strong storm lowered it to ground level. Notice how it has a front door and basement door...

After the fire burned down some...I got to thinking of other domiciles around the here are a few that I found. This the Leaning Tower of Borden...for the local Bluebird family. Not sure what happened here....but more than likely I can blame this on some sort of a 4 legged creature. (but not Cheyenne!) There is a nice level nest inside.

For many years my 18th century bird bottle from Colonial Williamsburg has been empty. This summer in this low housing market,it finally became home to a needy family. I never got to see any of them....but from the looks of the nest it was quite a nice home.

I have saved the best for last. A local gypsy fairy took up residence in my garden for a few days. You know the gypsy fairies...they come and go quickly and you never can see them. I was invited to take a look at the outside of the home...but warned not to cross the treshold.I have not seen a finer dwelling than this. The gypsy fairies moved on...but what a wonderful example of design and construction.

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  1. On closer inspection....there are still residents in the bird bottle!!! I had to take a closer look ..but there is either 2 or 3 babies....oops...I bet that flash scared them!