Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm a prim, she's a prim...are you a prim too?

After stopping by a primitive store on Saturday...and purchasing a new magazine, A Primitive Place...I read that I was a "Prim"...I didn't know that...A long time ago...I had a boss whose husband's name was Prim, but I was surprised to find out I was a Prim too. I guess if you like primitives antiques, reproductions, etc...voila you are a Prim. Checkout their website for more information. They have a "Prim" blog, a "Prim" chat...etc. I do like the fact that it also includes Colonial pieces. The magazine is expensive at this time, $8.00 printed quarterly, but I have had over 8.00 worth of fun with it and so has my mom! I think the thing is produced on a much more amateur level. I think this is great. Looks like members of the website have submitted their own digital pictures of their homes.
So you can really study the pictures (although they are dark, one of the things I hate about primitive decorating!) for ideas..and they included a section on crafts and how to get the look you want from the primitives.

I am not big on a lot of primitive know what I am talking about...the stuff you find in the stores....textiles all stained with tea so that it appears dark and aged, reproduction samplers, stinky candles...etc. I do like a lot of the furniture though. Pretty much all Johnston Benchwork furniture I like and in Troy, my favorite store is Canal Street Primitives.(I can not find a website for them, but they are on Facebook.) The owner makes a lot of the wood furniture...including cupboards, shelves, blanket boxes and the like. Last Saturday their fall open house, I picked up this 'noodle' board. I'm not sure I would put noodles on it since it is painted.(could cover with wax paper though)...and it does scare me because it fits over the stove..and I don't want to set it on fire...but it has its purpose. It covers the stove or sink too..and gives you extra counter space. I'm hoping that when my daughter comes home this fall..we will be able to cool Christmas cookies on it! (or at least use it to give us more room!)

Summer has been rough weather wise. According to the local weatherman...June, July and August were way above normal temperatures. June about 7 degrees above, July 5 degrees and August is going to hit about 6 degrees above normal. They say...very rare for all 3 months to be above normal.
I guess my garden is husband has promised to keep watering it ....I'm in Ohio..taking care of Dad. He's still in the op. Surgery went well...but at 90..a lot of confusion and difficulties from everything.

Affectionately yours...

from along the Great Miami River...

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