Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy hazy days of summer

Had a soothing and relaxing storm yesterday gave us over 1/2 inch of rain...which was much needed. I really didn't need it in my rain barrel, but am always thankful for free water and labor! I don't have to water the garden! It rained off and on til almost noon. Some say that was our last chance for rain for at least 10 days.
Picture of the natural wildflowers in the pasture above cost me dearly! I think the shot turned out pretty well, but my legs look like I have the chicken pox....I mean I was attacked...I'm guessing since I stepped into the tall and weedy wildflowers to get this shot. I had "Off" on....but I don't think the "Off" was 'on' because I think there is only 1 spot (no pun intended!) where there are no bites! Working on Plan B to prevent bug bites. (Or Plan C...I think I've lost count!)

Not all bugs are bad is I think a real ladybug...not the orange Asian kind..but I didn't see any spots at all...oh wait...they're all on my legs...

While sipping tea on the deck....I spotted (again with the 'spot' can tell what's on my mind!) this neighbor enjoying the afternoon. Looks like she could use some more sun...

Another foggy morning....on this Sunday. My fog count for August is now up to 3. It was a light I'm guessing maybe that would translate to snow flurries? I hope so...heat index this afternoon is over 95. A slight breeze makes working outside a little less difficult. My husband and I are clearing around the old chicken coop barn. This old wood barn will become our garden workshop and storage shed. At least that's the plan...uh...Plan A? I can only hope!

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