Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moving slow and rain barrels

I finally convinced my husband that we needed a rain barrel to help water our flowers. The main garden is close to the back wall of the kitchen which supports a down spout. So...while I was away in Ohio (with my elderly parents) he installed a new rain barrel.
Now, I have to say is what I asked for...but not what I wanted! This is a plastic fake barrel with a flat back. This does fit nicely up against the house...but I'm such a 'hater' of plastic...I am having a hard time "liking" it! I would really prefer a old wood whiskey barrel. There is just something about plastic I do not like! But so far it's holding water just fine.

When we got the rain the other morning, I did take note that a good 1/4 of rain will totally fill up the barrel.Four days later, I'm still filling my water cans!

Barrel does come with an overflow outlet...but I'm not sure that it could just overflow over the opening. There is a screen to filter out leaves and trash from the downspout and also a faucet comes with the unit.

I also enjoy this water for the bird bath, just seems more natural. We had to place the barrel up on some wood blocks so that you can fit a watering can beneath the spigot. We also attached a small section of old garden hose.

One thing I've noticed....using a rain barrel gives you time to stop and smell the roses! The water spigot fills up the watering can at a much slower pace then the regular hose. This is really great when you think about it...time to stretch, look over the garden and pasture and time to dream of the next garden area.

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